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    點點圖示 Social Affairs Section
      Director: Lin Siou-Mi
      Contact no. 07-7813041 ext.120
    1. Women, children and youth welfare service
    2. Senior citizens’ welfare service
    3. Social relief service
    4. Disabled persons’ welfare service
    5. Labor counseling service
    6. Rehabilitation protection service
    7. Community organization and development service
    8. Troop entertainment services
    9. Natural disaster relief service
    10. Winter relief, Red Cross service
    11. Health insurance service
    12. Combined services

    點點圖示 Economic Development Section
      Director: Lee Jeng-Fang
      Contact no. 07-7813041 ext.170
    1. Road and drainage ditch construction
    2. Parking lot service
    3. Park, green space management and maintenance
    4. Streetlight maintenance
    5. Building violations inspection & reporting
    6. Agricultural land, slope land illegal sand and gravel mining inspection & reporting
    7. Checking community development fees by construction projects
    8. Proof of farmhouse non-ownership status
    9. River public land lease application
    10. Industry and commerce management
    11. Leftover land consolidation application
    12. Urban planning service
    13. Combined services

    點點圖示 Agricultural Section

    Paddy field utilization adjustment follow up program:

      Director:Lee Ching-Chi
      Contact no.07-7813041 ext. 230
    1. Crop and plantation area output survey (farmland management)
    2. Crop sample investigation, seed rice promotion.
    3. Crop disaster inspection & reporting
    4. Agricultural condition inspection reports
    5. Agricultural household revenue and expenditure survey and reporting
    6. Crop value evaluation
    7. Livestock and poultry disease prevention
    8. Pig quantity investigation
    9. Livestock and poultry disaster inspection and reporting
    10. Livestock and poultry inspection and reporting
    11. Aqua animal investigation, prevention and treatment
    12. Forestry and forest product promotion (forestry management)
    13. Road and tree management
    14. Lumbering permit and wild animal conservation
    15. Slope land conservation and utilization management
    16. Rat prevention and pest control service, forest and lumber evaluation.
    17. Farmland agricultural usage permit service
    18. Failure to use farmland for farming purposes inspection
    19. Farmland irrigation service
    20. Agricultural machinery management, chemical fertilizers, fertilizer and cargo management (kit vehicle, agricultural machinery gas voucher, agricultural electricity, promotion of agricultural machinery).
    21. Agricultural counseling

    點點圖示 Civil Affairs Section
      Director:Huang Chin-sheng
      Contact no.07-7815571
    1. Autonomous administration, village and neighborhood head recreational activities.
    2. Public servant election and recall.
    3. Village and neighborhood head insurance
    4. Mediation service
    5. Neighborhood watch and public safety
    6. Temple and improving folk customs
    7. Social education
    8. Compulsory education
    9. Local public enterprise
    10. Cemetery management
    11. Land administration service
    12. Civil defense training and maintaining public security during Chinese New Year.
    13. Commission of Indigenous Affairs and Council for Hakka Affairs services
    14. Township swimming pool management
    15. Public affairs of various villages
    16. Military service conscription