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    Summer Vacation Perks – Half Fare and Shopper Discounts for Harvard Express and Dashu Temple Visit Bus Passengers Using E-Payment Print
      Update Time:2019-08-27 09:00

     To encourage the use of public transport for outdoor trips, the Directorate General of Highways and Tourism Bureau, MOTC offer half fare concession for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service, starting now until September 30. Passengers taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service with one of the electronic passes will enjoy half fare discount. In addition, coupons are given out to passengers who will then enjoy further discounts at specified tourist attractions and shops. A fun summer vacation is up and coming for all citizens.
              Transportation Bureau’s Director-general Cheng Yung-Hsiang designated two Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes in Kaohsiung City that go directly to the world-class Buddhist destination Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum and the scenic and livable small town – Dashu District. Passengers may take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Harvard Express from Zuoying HSR Station to arrive at Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum for a Buddha worshipping and heart purifying trip. Visitors may also appreciate the unique architecture of this world-class museum that combines tradition with modern design. After visiting the Buddha Museum, passengers may transfer to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Dashu Temple Visit Bus for a leisurely trip to the Bronze medal winning Dashu District in 2013 The International Awards for Liveable Communities, where visitors may enjoy a leisurely stroll in the village landscape and appreciate the exquisite characteristic communities. Moreover, passengers may also ask the driver for shopper’s coupons when traveling with Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service. The coupons will offer discounts at shops and restaurants along the tourist routes, including Dong Jhao Mountain Coffee, Mama Chuang’s Leisure Farm, Red Bean Café House, Ya Ba Ice, Longmu Community Development Association, Known-You Seed Farm, 1300 Art Center, Old Bridge Volunteer Station, and San-He Tile Kiln, etc. (Please check out the super discounts at the relevant restaurants and shops, as well as the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle official website at
              The Transportation Bureau further stated that from now on until September 30, any persons who “Like” and “Follow” the Transportation Bureau’s Facebook fan page and publicly share +tag@ one friend as well as leave the following message at the event’s post “Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Dashu Temple Visit Bus & Harvard Express and pay with electronic pass to enjoy half fare discount” will be eligible for the lucky draw with chances to win a limited-edition Prosperous iCash Card or a cartoon iPass Card. In addition, passengers riding on the Dashu Temple Visit Bus or Harvard Express during the period who make a post by uploading a photo showing the person together with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus, bus shelter or bus stop may also have a chance to win a Buddha-style USB, the Buddha Museum’s memorial mug, a lot pot, or a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle calendar. Make haste to set out your short trip to Dashu with friends and win the prizes. For more information on the event, please visit the Transportation Bureau website ( or the Bureau’s Facebook fan page.