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Welcome to Daliao Distrct Office

Welcome to Daliao Distrct Office

our chief
    Shih,Wei-Ming Print
      Update Time:2016-11-18 11:48 Department:Daliao District Office


    The vision of the future :



    My expectation to all the colleagues is to build an excellent quality of our district with our dedication, compile wisdom from teamwork,induce our teammates to learn  from organization, exceed individual progress and enhance the competitiveness and the quality for serving the residences!

    Besides, I regard the residences as our first position to serve. As a result, we must ensure the serving quality is good enough to fulfill the requirements of the residences.


    Academic Degree: 1.master's degree,National Kaohsiung Normal University to teach master classes issued by the Group Work Experience: 1.Kaohsiung City Government Economic Development Bureau Chief 2.Chief Commissioner of Kaohsiung 3.Gushan District Kaohsiung Household Registration Law Office 4.Supervisor,Nanzih District Office,Kaohsiung City 5.Kaohsiung City Bureau of Civil Affairs Director, Chief Secretary to the Government